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Emily Bronte: The jewel in the literature of England

The love had haunted readers by its powerful feeling from character's love

In long English literature, alongside famous names like Charles Dickens with Oliver Twist, Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice or Virginia Woolf and A private room would be flawed if we ignored Emily Bronte with the novel Wuthering Heights. 

Emily Bronte is a special female writer because, during her literary career, she has only one work, but that work is the book that has shocked the UK since its first publication because conceptions of love are ahead of the time of the author. In the golden age of romanticism with the beloved, tender, Emily Bronte with her novel Wuthering Heights is like a boat going upstream and breaking all framework. 

Emily Bronte
Emily Bronte

However, the whole life of Emily Bronte has only one work, Wuthering Heights. Do you know why? Let’s find out through the article below!

Life is full of difficulties of a talented and fated writer

Emily Bronte was born on July 30, 1818, to a family of six siblings, but unfortunately, the writer’s mother died shortly after giving birth to her from fatal cancer.

The atmosphere of mourning continues to haunt Emily Bronte’s childhood when two sisters passed away from tuberculosis, the whole family is now only three sisters and one brother.

Bronte sisters
Bronte sisters

Through a childhood affected quite a lot from the death of relatives around, so in such difficult circumstances, the literary talents of the three Bronte sisters miraculously flourished. His mother died early, his father was a man who lived quietly, so they often had to go into the literary world to weave together fantasy stories about a mythical world, where they satisfied with their passion. self.

In 1842, Emily Bronte was accepted as a tutor at a school for girls on Law Hill, near Halifax, but just six months later, she quit her job because she was too homesick. The special circumstances since childhood have created the female writer with an introverted, quiet personality and extremely self-contained lifestyle. According to many contemporary witnesses, Emily Bronte’s life seemed to be around Yorkshire, she did not have the opportunity to get a high education, so she had little contact with many other classes of society.

Emily likes to hide herself in her own passions and does not want anyone to interfere with her private life. There was a time when she secretly composed poetry, but her sister Charlotte accidentally discovered her handwritten manuscript while recovering. Then Charlotte persuaded Emily to publish these poems and only then did the talent of the lonely pink shadow begin to flourish brilliantly in English literature in particular and the world in general.

In 1846, the three Bronte sisters together published a book of poems with the pseudonyms Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell. The barriers from society for women at that time made them to hide their real names and use pseudonyms that were difficult to distinguish. A year later, Emily Bronte released the book Wuthering Heights, which helped her assert her great position.

Emily Bronte and notions of love are ahead of their time

In 1847, after publishing her first novel under the pseudonym Ellis Bell, Emily Bronte shocked the whole of England at that time. Because to this day, the wild, passionate and intense love in Wuthering Heights still ceaselessly haunts the readers’ mind, the burning emotions from the opposite love make many readers sob.

So, put in the situation at the end of the nineteenth century, love in the work is considered to completely contradict the morality and common sense of society, that is also the reason for the name Ellis Bell had a great influence and appeared in the UK literary sky.

The love had haunted readers by its powerful feeling from character's love
The love had haunted readers by its powerful feeling from character’s love

Wuthering Heights is a story about the wrenching, tormented love between the prestigious lady Catherine Earnshaw and orphan boy Heathcliff, adopted by the Earnshaw family. When he just got into Earnshawn home, Heathcliff was treated like a son in the family, until Mr. Earnshaw’s death and his son Hindley came to own the house.

Heathcliff was suddenly treated like a servant, he was brutally beaten and treated very badly, but what made the boy most resentful was that he was forbidden to play with Lady Catherine in the green fields. However, the obstacle still did not prevent the feelings from flourishing between the two people, it grew over time until one day, Catherine received the proposal of Edgar Linton, but because of her reluctance time that she had to accept. 

“I saw that by the moonlight – dropped his hand from the latch, and skulked off, a picture of mortified vanity. He imagined himself to be as accomplished as Linton, I suppose, because he could spell his own name; and was marvellously discomfited that I didn’t think the same.”

Catherine loved Heathcliff, she knew that, but the burden of status did not allow herself to arbitrarily, accepting the proposal of her childhood friend Edgar Linton was one of the toughest choices in her life. The day he knew that Catherine had accepted the proposal, Heathcliff disappeared from the hill without leaving any message.

Tragedy officially opened a few years later, Heathcliff returned but was no longer a poor orphan, but a man of charismatic success. 

The love of his youthful years constantly haunted Heathcliff’s mind, he wanted to become so rich and powerful to return revenge on all those who had prevented him from coming to Catherine. The feud gradually became uncontrollable and distorted even Heathcliff’s personality.

Even that deep hatred did not disappear when Catherine died, but burned even more intensely, it brought the next generations into a spiral of no escape.

“I dreamt I was sleeping the last sleep by that sleeper, with my heart stopped and my cheek frozen against hers”

Heathcliff lived alone until the end of his life in a cold house on a large hill, the book ends at the end of all contradictions, hatred is liberated by painful deaths, leaving in the hearts of people a wise obsession. calming down on horizontal love and sadness in people’s hearts.

Wuthering Heights with a tragic love story that has been through many lifetimes contains countless pain, torment and intense emotions that constantly flowed through each page, Emily Bronte makes the reader dumbfounded by the ferocity of love from the characters.

It can be seen that the novel is like a separate fantasy world of Emily, she created it to exploit many dark depths in the human heart, thanks to that, the work becomes a novel that is both great and tragic. And until now, there are still many people who don’t understand how a weak, gentle, or shy girl like Emily Bronte can write such a wild and crazy love story.

Perhaps because other parts of her strong emotions can only be sent into the literary world, these bold concepts about love can only be revealed through pages and letters.

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