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How Tibetans maintain health & beauty? Click to find out!


Daily exercise and sports is a healthy habit and also the best way to have overall health. However, the busy modern lifestyle makes it difficult for many people to have time to practice outdoors or at professional gyms, so they need to learn short exercises, flexible locations and time. increasingly high. In this article, we will introduce you to a yoga exercise that is loved by many people because it is the secret to preserving the beauty and health of the Tibetans: Exercise “The Fountain of Youth”.

What is The Fountain of Youth?

To get a beautiful body, in addition to building a reasonable diet (such as KETO, Eat Clean, Low Carb …), people also have to regularly choose different exercises to improve. health, toning muscles. However, with busy schedules and activities, not everyone is qualified and patient enough to exercise or go jogging for a few hours a day, so the exercise “The Fountain of Youth” will be A reasonable solution to help you save time while ensuring to improve your physique and health.

The fountain of youth
The fountain of youth

“The Fountain of Youth” is a form of yoga that originated in Tibet, and is believed to have existed more than 2,500 years ago. These exercises were disseminated by Peter Kelder through the book “The Eye of Revelation”, written in 1939. In the book, “The Fountain of Youth” is seen as a simple miraculous secret, helping to transform. improving health and beauty with just 5 movements, or called according to the Tibetan lamas’ way the 5 consciousness.

According to Kelder, this series of exercises are used by Tibetan monks to maintain positive energy and have a healthy body. He described it as having many health benefits including weight loss, memory enhancement, improved fitness, increased feeling of well-being, and even slowing down the rate of aging. For that reason, this exercise was named “The Fountain of Youth”.

Effect of “The Fountain of Youth”

The exercise “The Fountain of Youth” is a fairly simple yoga exercise that is easy to perform, so many people of different ages choose to practice with, some people have practiced for decades.
According to the majority of those who practice, the most noticeable effect of “The Fountain of Youth”” is that the appearance has been greatly improved. For young people, this exercise helps to keep the body slim, firm, bright skin, smooth, with the elderly, the body is more supple, the skin retains a rosy, less wrinkled.

When practicing “The Fountain of Youth”, most people will have better and deeper sleep, thereby creating a feeling of refreshment after waking up, abundant energy, a clear spirit and more effective work.

The way of breathing when practicing “The Fountain of Youth” also helps to form the habit of breathing deeply, so that the amount of oxygen entering the body will be more, in the long run, this is very good for improving cardiovascular health in a whole way.

In addition, the exercise “The Fountain of Youth” also works to improve the body’s resistance, the practitioner will be less sick, the body can move more flexibly, support weight loss and improve physiology very well.

At the same time, when combining the exercise of “The Fountain of Youth” with other sports activities such as swimming, walking, cycling … and a reasonable diet, the effect of the exercise will be faster and clearer.

The best time to do this exercise is in the morning. However, in reality, you can practice it anytime, not necessarily in the morning. Especially for those who have a busy schedule, they should have free time to practice at that time, divided into 2 parts per day (eg 10 times in the morning, 11 times in the afternoon).

Before training, you should not eat full or drink alcohol to reduce nausea and dizziness during exercise. If you are an office worker, this is a very suitable exercise because the benefits of time and movement are very good for the back and neck – 2 parts that office workers often have problems with.

Through this article, we hope to help readers partly understand the positive effects the exercise “The Fountain of Youth” brings. Let’s start practicing and experience the effects that this exercise brings today. Thank you for watching and see you in the following topics.


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