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The Story of Nelson Mandela: An extraordinary life!

Nelson Mandela- A Biography

Nelson Mandela, who led the fight against apartheid racism became a world icon for human rights in the 20th century and the first black President of South Africa. 

So, what do you know about his life and his fight? We will find out through this article!

The leader has 6 names

Mr. Nelson Mandela has 6 different names and each name has its own interesting.

According to RT, Mr. Mandela’s birth name is Rolihlahla Mandela. In the Xhosa language, one of the official languages ​​of South Africa, “Rolihlahla” means “to break branches” or “troublemakers”.

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela

“Nelson” is the name given by the teacher while attending school. In the early twentieth century, African children were often given English names so that British colonial officials could easily call them.

Mr. Nelson Mandela campaigned for President at Galeshewe Stadium in Kimberley, South Africa, on February 25, 1994. (Source: AP)
In South Africa, Mr. Mandela is known by the people most dearly as “Madiba”. This is the name of the leader of the Thembu people who ruled the Transkei (southeast South Africa) in the IXX century. The fact that the people called him Madiba showed respect and respect for him.

Considered the father of democracy in South Africa, Mandela is also referred to simply as “Tata”, in Xhosa meaning “father”. In addition, they called him “Khulu” to show their love for him. “Khulu” in Xhosa is an abbreviation of “uBawomkhulu”, meaning “grandfather”. According to the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the word also means “great”, “big” or “majestic”.

“Dalibhunga” is a name when he was 16 years old and is officially recognized to have grown up through the traditional ritual of the Xhosa.

Married the first lady at the age of 80

According to the Guardian, Mr. Mandela is a flower-digger. When he was a teenager, he had to flee from his home in Cape Town to the capital, Johannesburg, to work as a night shift guard at a mine just because he wanted to escape a marriage arranged by his family.

His biographer Nelson Mandela has described this man who embodies the fight for freedom as a “magnet” to South African women in the 1940s. David James Smith’s Young Mandela writes that, women “fell over” at Mandela’s feet and the young man had feelings for many girls. He himself did not hide this. He wants the world to see himself as an ordinary person with full of greed – hatred – ignorance.

Nelson Mandela and his wife
Nelson Mandela and his wife

He first married in 1944 to Evelyn Mase, his best friend cousin. Ms. Evelyn is the main earner to support her family and always supports her husband’s education and career. Before studying law and earning a bachelor’s degree at Wits University, Mr. Mandela was a student at Fort Hare University, but was expelled for participating in student protests. They had 4 children together and divorced in 1958. Second wife Winnie Madikizela is a shrewd woman, but many notorious.

His third marriage was so special. He is married on his 80th birthday and the bride is a first lady. Before marrying Mr. Mandela, Graca Machel was the widow of President Mozambique Samora Machel. Due to marrying Mr. Mandela after her husband died, Graca became the first lady of the two countries.

It took 6 months to write or receive a letter

Leaving South Africa in 1962 in search of support for the armed struggle, he trained in guerrilla warfare in Morocco and Ethiopia. However, later that year he was arrested on charges of government sabotage and other crimes and sentenced to life in prison in 1964. Mr. Mandela spent 27 years in apartheid prison. For most of that time, from 1968-1982, he was detained on Robben Island. At first, he only met one visitor a year and only wrote or received a letter for six months. Despite strict prohibitions, in prison, he still organized protests against this racist regime.

Was on the terrorist list even though he was President

According to CNN, the Apartheid government accused the African National Congress Party (ANC) of being a terrorist organization and was supported by the US and UK. It was not until 2008 that the United States removed the names of Nelson Mandela and other ANC members from the US terrorist surveillance list, even though he was an international figure at the time.

After his release on February 11, 1990, Mr. Mandela led the ANC party in 1994’s negotiations towards a multi-ethnic democracy. He became President of South Africa from 1994-1999 and was the first South African President to be democratically elected by universal suffrage.

Strange passions

Mr. Nelson Mandela is a man with many strange interests and passions. His favorite dish is not delicacy but beef tripe. At his last birthday party, the whole family enjoyed corn porridge and beef tripe at his request.

In sports, he is passionate about boxing, but dislikes the violence of the sport. He shares in his biography: “I am more interested in the science of this martial art, how you move your body to protect yourself, how you use offensive and defensive tactics, how you move. in a fight ”.

In music, he admires the British girl band Spice Girls and calls them “heroes” by actively fighting for feminism. In 1997, he met the band and thought it was the most emotional moments of his life. According to the BBC, Mr Mandela was looking forward to seeing the band more than he did with former US President Bill Clinton, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the United Nations Secretary-General combined.

The biggest funeral in history

Mr. Nelson Mandela died on December 5, 2013, at the age of 95. According to the Daily Mail, Nelson Mandela’s funeral is an unprecedented event in South African history, with the participation of a series of heads of state, royal representatives and many stars in the entertainment industry. gender.

The 10-day funeral ceremony was carefully planned, combining both Western traditions and his hometown Thembu clan. However, the number of high-level delegations to visit, including a series of heads of state, including US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron, has certainly created a logistical nightmare for itself. South African government – which is responsible for ensuring funeral security.

In particular, to give visitors a chance to bid farewell to national hero Nelson Mandela, the memorial ceremony took place at the stadium accommodating 94,000 people in Johannesburg.

The world dedicated a day calling his name

Mr. Nelson Mandela has been honored with more than 250 awards over 40 years, including the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize. He also received many honors such as an honorary citizen of Canada, an honorary member of the British Labor Party, Honorary members of the MU football team often receive honorary degrees from many major universities in the world. Even the name “Mandela” was also named by the Institute of Physics (University of Leeds) for a nuclear atom – the Mandela (1973) or the fact that the scientists named “Nelson Mandela” for the woodpecker. Prehistoric ants was Australopicus nelsonmandelai (2012) …

But the greatest honor for Mr. Nelson Mandela is to have the world set aside a day to call his name. According to a decree of the United Nations General Assembly, the world adopted July 18 as “Mandela Day”. This is the first time the largest organization in the world has dedicate a special day to one person.

After leaving the presidency, Mandela continued to play an active role in many social organizations and for human rights. He expressed his support for the Make Poverty History movement of which Campaign ONE was a part. The Nelson Mandela Guest Fundraising Golf Tournament, hosted by Gary Player, has raised more than 20 million rand in funds for children since its inception in 2000. Mandela is also a supporter of the SOS Children’s Village, which specializes in raise money to help the world’s largest orphan and abandoned children …

You can learn more about Nelson through this book Nelson Mandela: A Biography By Meredith, Martin in our website!

Hope you will find something exciting news about him!

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