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What makes Gone with the wind and Margaret Mitchell so famous?

Gone with the wind novel and its author

Gone with the Wind is a classic of American literature first published in 1963. The story of the life of Scarlett O’Hara, a noble woman in the South of the United States trying to mess with a civil war storm and the rebuilding period of the country. She vigorously fought with life to find herself missing out on so-called… love, ideals of life.

Magaret Mitchell used a pen to authenticate deep thoughts about human destiny in general, the number of parts of people in the South of America during the unstable period of the country. Including lessons about the ideal of life, love for people, the power to overcome suffering, unhappiness, and love for men and women. All are extremely authentic, lively, and full of humanity.

Perhaps because of the authentic writing style, which accurately describes nature and pain, the regret of the character that Margaret’s Gone with the wind quickly became famous and helped her win the Pulitzer.

Human fate is the most difficult rope to control

Scarlett is an endless source of inspiration for independence, strength, resilience. She is like many other girls of her time who have very mundane concerns and desires: like beautiful outfits, colorful prom night nights, coveted glances of men … dogma, common morality is difficult to make Scarlett subdue, she is still extremely prominent and brilliant.

She was determined to her feelings and had a strong desire to be happy. Ashley, the man who drives her heart crazy, makes even selfish, cruel decisions. She accepts a man she does not have feelings for to avenge Ashley to marry Melina. That seriously affected her life. The prejudice that seemed to make her unable to breathe, forced her to fakely conceal her true desire.

The chaotic period and constant civil war made people’s lives unstable and poor. Scarlett, over twenty years old, has to face the risk of starvation, family farm ruin, plunder … countless difficulties. As despair overflowed with vitality, she realized that survival was the most important thing, ready to put a bullet in the head of someone who wanted to take her life or threaten the safety of her family. family. Scarlett escaped the shell of a lady to become a woman who owns a family, managing everything and working non-stop to seek safety and stability in life.

Scarlett O'Hara
Scarlett O’Hara

A vortex of money and fame clings to Scarlett, a strong woman who forgets love, ambiguous about it. Making money is what Scarlett loves because it gives her safety and her own pride in it. But those illusory joys at a certain point in life will stop, everything when it’s a bubble, no more turning back. That is Scarlett’s first regret.

The love that Scarlett has always pursued with Ashley is the second regret. It was as vague as an idea she imagined. She even believed in it, ran after it, and never once pondered and reflected on her true wish. Until the end that the mistake was clear in her heart, she was engrossed in the pursuit of nothingness and could not recognize Rhett Butler’s sincerity as well as her own for that man.

Rhett Butler – Successful man of the game of fate

Rhett knew what she wanted and what to do. A notorious man, being judged nothing by the world, Rhett did not value what everyone thought of him. Rhett lived up to what he wanted, lived a dignified life, and of course, it wouldn’t matter if people would accept that way of life.

Rhett was smart enough that people needed her, even though they always hated him on their hearts. To Rhett it was nothing to worry about, what he bothered was what people were not expecting. Rhett’s day problem was sharp and sharp and made a lot of money by taking advantage of the turmoil. People are in misery, he stands above all.

Intelligent, successful and seemingly superficial with feelings are the most sincere. Because of his core intelligence, he recognized the true self of Scarlett and fell in love with her passionately. Two similar guys would understand each other extremely, especially Rhett and Scarlett.

Rhett Butler
Rhett Butler

Rhett’s love for Scarlett was deeply indestructible. Rhett silently made Scarlett his wife, which is something the Southern girl never expected. Step by step with her understanding and love approaching her, loving her to the fullest. He used everything he had for his wife. But ironically, Scarlett misses that and chases after fame, money.

The greatest, most real, and haunted love. The greatest pain in his life is not having the love of Scarlett. Love cannot be one-sided, a person who loves much will always want the other party to be the same. Her decision to leave Scarlett was probably the result of her extreme despair. And the death of both their daughter is the sharp knife that ends everything.

For Rhett, fate is a grim problem, but he understands and mastered it very well. Even with his love, he dared to face it, with all his might for it, although there was no good outcome.

“After all, tomorrow is a new day”

“After all, tomorrow is a new day” is Scarlett’s classic saying when she gets stuck. This is also the last sentence to close the book with the image of a stubborn Scarlett standing in front of the sunny Tara steps.

She saw the future more clearly, perhaps the vanity of the past had melted into sponges in her heart. With her strong, tough spirit she will find a happy stop. The love of two people is still there, it has the power to overcome all obstacles and obstacles.

Reading Gone with the wind then we can understand why Margaret won the Pulitzer Prize.


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